Eyebrows can enhance your eyes, the shape of your face and take years off your age by giving the eyebrow a lifted and fuller look.

A beautiful brow brings “a smile to the eyes” and a glow to the face. Eyebrows create an atmosphere for the face, – for this reason brows should never be neglected or ignored. PMU or micro bladed brows are ideal for anyone with sparse, scarred asymmetrical or undefined brows.

A customized eyebrow design will be created for you to give you the perfect shape suited for your face.

Different techniques such as: powder brow, hair stroke brow, shaded brow or micro bladed brows can be used to give the desired look.

Powder Brows: are created by giving a full shaded look right throughout the brow and is meant to create a powder look much like topical powder make up.

Hair stroke Brows: are achieved by using rotary or digital pmu device and simulating hairs into the skin with very fine needles.

Micro bladed or shaded brows: have been around for decades, but has enjoyed a new release of popularity.  Micro blading is performed manually with a hand tool and micro blades to create very fine “hair strokes”, or a shaded look. Micro blading helps to enhance the natural brows, by filling in the sparse areas, giving the appearance of real hair. This treatment is ideal for anyone suffering from hair loss, alopecia or trichotillomania.  Please view our GALLERY for more photos.

Before                                    After


Eyebrows (all techniques) first application R1600;  touch up R800; refresher R1500.